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FLAP covers the State of Illinois.

We have recovered almost 5.0 million dollars in back wages and illegal deductions. Please contact us for more information: info@flapillinois.org

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IL Latinx Population

Client Testimonials

  • One comes here thinking we are going to find a better life. We trust in the promises that our employers make us, but then it turns out they are false. I would never have moved forward with the case if FLAP had not stood by me every step of the way.
    Former Client
  • Some people might think a week’s pay that we never received is not worth a lawsuit.  That money, however, is the only source of  sustenance  that my family and I have for the next month.  FLAP understood this and helped us fight for our rights.
    Former Client
  • I used to think that legal rights were only for the benefit of people with money. But FLAP did not ask me for any money; all they asked for was my trust. The fact that FLAP staff spoke Spanish made me feel comfortable. Now I know that the laws are not made just for the rich and that I too can fight for my rights.
    Former Client
  • I like the fact that FLAP will visit us in the fields and in the nursery and see the real conditions under which we work. You taste the water we have to drink; you see the bathrooms we have to use. Seeing FLAP staff in the middle of the field under the burning sun, talking to us about our rights really made me want to trust them
    Nursery Worker & Former Client

About Us

Since its founding in 1999, FLAP has been the only non-profit organization in Illinois, in the Midwest, and one of only a handful like it in the United States, that makes sure low-income workers and their households in the cannery, farming, greenhouse, landscaping, meat, nursery, packinghouse, poultry, restaurants, and snow plowing industries who are exploited at work, and have no foreseeable way of fighting back — either because they cannot afford an attorney or, because of their classification, cannot access Federally-funded legal aid — are treated with dignity and guaranteed their legal rights and have access to social services regardless of their immigration status.

With your donations, we have achieved the following:

  • Educated more than 1.5 million low-income Latine workers on their legal rights
  • Partnered with more than 400 organizations, including Consulates, law firms, churches, foundations and other non-profit organizations, to improve working conditions in Illinois
  • FLAP has endorsed and sent more than 295 petitions and letters advocating for low-income workers
  • Distributed more than 4 million of community outreach and education material with resources and legal information available to low-income workers regardless of their immigration status
  • Delivered more than 115,000 “Know Your Rights” presentations
  • Filed 242 lawsuits in federal and state courts – 90% representing multiple workers
  • Sent 89 demand letters in the name of very low-income workers and their households in the: cannery, farming, greenhouse, landscaping, meat, nursery, packinghouse, poultry, restaurants and snow plowing industries
  • Recovered almost 5.0 million dollars in back wages and damages for the workers
  • During the COVID-19, FLAP has secured $2,483,035 in financial assistance to very low-income Latinx individuals benefiting approximately 26,000 family members.
  • Almost 3 million pieces of Personnel Protective Equipment has been distributed. Of those more than 1 million went directly to Illinois’ Farmworkers and more than 25,000 to immigrant children
  • The organization secured $171,873 worth of technology and educational supplies so Latinx immigrant children could participate effectively in distance learning.

Our Services

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Ask us about your rights at work. Pregúntenos sus derechos en el trabajo.

Our Partners

FLAP partners with over 400 organizations in Illinois, including consulates, foundations, law firms, public libraries, Churches, and non-profits. If you see an opportunity to partner with us, please contact FLAP at info@flapillinois.org or 1-888-451-3527