FLAP – Farmworker and Landscaper Advocacy Project

FLAP – Farmworker & Landscaper Advocacy Project

FLAP provides landscaper and farmworker legal services across Illinois.

    FLAP's Mission

    Many thanks to everyone who helped make possible
    The 2016 Beckman Farmworker Advocate of the Year Award Fundraiser!

      The mission of the Farmworker and Landscaper Advocacy Project (FLAP) is to improve working conditions for migrant and seasonal workers in the agricultural and landscaping industries in Illinois. FLAP carries out this mission through:

      Our clients are the thousands of individuals who travel to Illinois to harvest the different crops we eat, grow the plants that adorn our urban and suburban gardens, and maintain these landscapes. They are primarily men and women who have immigrated to this country from Latin America. They labor 10-12 hour days exposed to heatstroke, dehydration, pesticides, injury and hazardous working conditions.

      Migrant and seasonal workers in Illinois' agricultural and landscaping industries are one of the most marginalized group of workers in the nation. Despite their many contributions to our society these men and women are often victims of abuse. Employers, for example, refuse to pay them overtime, or any wages at all, for their hard work. Many of our clients also suffer injuries without receiving any compensation. Such abuses jeopardize the well-being of our clients, their families and their communities. FLAP specializes in recovering owed wages for these workers.

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      Latest News

      Farmworker and Landscaper Advocacy Project - FLAP in Winnetka, Illinois.

      Lunch time is the best time to talk to workers and inform them regarding Farmworker and Landscaper Advocacy Project - FLAP services.
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      Finally, some Outreach weather!
      Farmworker and Landscaper Advocacy Project - FLAP will be in the Evanston and Lake County area today, talking to workers.
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      On May 26, Farmworker and Landscaper Advocacy Project - FLAP is attending the Evanston Community Foundation annual meeting and grantee celebration. In addition to introducing the newly selected 2016-17 responsive grantees, we will celebrate the great work of the root2fruit grantees and FLAP's work in that area will be recognized. ... See MoreSee Less

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      FLAP has identified a total of 242 farms, 833 nurseries, and 2,052 landscape companies operating within 18 counties in Northern Illinois. Most, if not all, hire immigrant, migrant, and seasonal workers. Approximately 99 percent of these employees are of Mexican heritage, with 90 percent male and 10 percent female. ... See MoreSee Less

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