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FLAP Staff, Consultants & Volunteers


Alexandra Sossa, Executive Director

Alexandra first came to FLAP in summer, 2001. She has played an instrumental role in the success of FLAP. Through this project, she has educated low income immigrants about their rights in the USA, developed working relationships with various organizations in Illinois, and has supported attorneys providing legal assistance to a countless number of Immigrants, migrant and seasonal workers in the area. She has also written for several newspapers in Illinois about issues that affect immigrants in the United States.

Alexandra graduated from the University of Medellin School of Law, Colombia and is certificated as a bilingual Mediator at the Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago, Illinois. She is alumni of the Center for Leadership Innovation and also holds a Non Profit Management certification from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a native Spanish speaker and is fluent in English.

Alexandra has more than 30 years of experience performing community education and outreach for Immigrants, migrant and seasonal workers in the agricultural and landscaping industries. She has a long history of public service dating back to her work with coffee plantation workers in Colombia, where she also worked for nearly a decade with the Attorney General’s Office. She has helped clients with their legal needs in the United States, Spain and Colombia. While in Spain, Alexandra helped citizens of Mexico navigate through the Spanish legal system via the Mexican Embassy.

She can be reached at:
33 N. LaSalle # 900
Chicago, IL 60602
T: 847-668-2114

Alexandria Santistevan, Staff Attorney

Alexandria SantistevanAlexandria (“Alex”) Santistevan is the staff attorney at the Farmworker and Landscaper Advocacy Project (FLAP), where she oversees the organization’s litigation efforts. Alex’s experience as an advocate for low-wage workers began with Colorado Legal Services-Migrant Farmworker Division. There, she learned the discipline necessary to work with low-wage workers and immigrants by doing door-to-door outreach and Know Your Rights workshops to farmworker communities.

Alex continued her passion in working with migrant workers and immigrants during law school as an extern with FLAP. Her time with this organization afforded her the skills for litigation practice with low income immigrants such as farmworkers and landscapers. Prior to joining FLAP, Alex worked at First Defense Legal Aid, which provides attorneys at no cost to anyone in Chicago Police custody. Alex also has additional litigation experience working with the City of Chicago and the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.

Alex’s passion for workers’ rights stems from her grandfather’s background as a farmworker in the fields of Colorado. She is the first in her family to receive a Bachelor’s degree, graduating from the University of Denver. She earned her law degree at the John Marshall Law School where she graduated with a certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Alex is bilingual in English and Spanish and is licensed to practice law in both state and federal court in Illinois.

She can be reached at:
33 N. LaSalle # 900
Chicago, IL 60602
T: 312-784-3541

Norma Sandval, Outreach-Intake Coordinator

Norma Sandoval is the Outreach-Intake Coordinator at FLAP. She conducts Community Outreach and Education presentations, more reputably known as “Know your Rights at work”. She informs workers’ of their rights and FLAP’s services. Norma is a second generation immigrant with a passion for helping others. Growing up in the South Side of Chicago under the house hold of immigrant parents, she witnessed injustices first hand. Seeing these injustices was what most influenced her and want to make a difference. The FLAP organization and the services it has to offer is something she believes in and works to spread that forward to help her community.

For the majority of Norma’s life she has spoken up for the immigrant community, starting with her parents. From a very young age she stood up for her relatives and those whom she felt were being treated unfairly because of their disadvantage when it came to the language barrier, or them being frightened/threatened to speak up for not knowing their rights. This sparked her interest in wanting to give back to her community and entered the field of child development. While working in the child development field, she encountered a lot of obstacles. She began to work with kids from different walks of life, including children of immigrant parents. This lead her to realize her influence is not only aiding to children but also making a difference with her potential helping parents and their future.

As an outreach-Intake coordinator, Norma supports FLAP’s Litigation, Outreach and Community Education lending important information to those that do not know their rights at work. She is Latina and speaks, reads, and writes English and Spanish.

She can be reached at:
33 N. LaSalle # 900
Chicago, IL 60602
T: 815-909-0362

Pro-bono Attorneys, Law Clerks, & Volunteers

Every year between 20 to 30 Pro-Bono Attorneys, Interns, Externs and volunteers support community education, outreach and litigation. They conduct legal research and compose memoranda, draft complaints, pleadings, discovery, and settlement agreements; investigate claims; gather facts from clients; answer clients’ substantive and procedural questions; compile databases; maintain client files; analyze legal claims and calculate damages. They work remotely and/or are based in FLAP Chicago and/or suburbs offices at their choice.

Vincent Beckman, Honorary Board of Directors Member

Vince Beckman co-founded FLAP in 1999 and was its Executive Director until December 2011. Presently Vince is Honorary FLAP Board of Directors member actively supporting the organization fundraiser efforts.

Vince helped organize community development projects as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru (1966-68); worked with the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) in Puerto Rico from 1969-70 as a VISTA Volunteer; did earthquake relief in Peru with the Peace Corps (1970); taught ESL classes at Chicago City Colleges (1971); and taught sociology at YMCA Community College (1971-73). While in law school he worked at the Northwestern Legal Clinic (1971-74). He joined the firm of Zeitlin & Schwab (1974-75), and then worked with LAF as a staff attorney in the Migrant Project (1975-77). In 1977 Vince accepted a position as Executive Director of Michigan Migrant Legal Assistance Project, where he remained for seven years. He returned to LAF in 1984 as a staff attorney at the 18th Street Office and then the Migrant Project before being selected as Supervisory Attorney of the Migrant Project (1985 to 2009).

Vince has very substantial experience in the area of federal litigation and is fluent in Spanish and English.

David Arfa, Cartographer

David Arfa has a BA in Geography and a BFA in Printmaking from the University of Washington. He lives in Chicago and works as a cartographer and Geographic Information System analyst. He has been volunteering for FLAP since Spring of 2011.

Memo Ramirez, Website Developer

Memo Ramirez is a software engineer, specializing in data engineering and in building data-driven applications. He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago and has been volunteering for FLAP since the Summer of 2012.

He can be reached at:

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