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FLAP welcomes cy pres awards through settlement of class action lawsuits.

If you are involved in a class action case settlement and are designating a cy pres for the residual funds, please consider FLAP as a cy pres recipient. FLAP will use the award in a manner consistent with its intent and purpose; and the cy pres will have a significant effect on the lives of Illinois residents who need the services FLAP provides.

The term cy pres comes from the French, “cy pres comme possible,” meaning “as near as possible,” and the doctrine is often applied in class action cases in which full restitution to all injured parties is impossible or infeasible, resulting in residual funds.

Under cy pres, courts can approve a charitable donation out of unclaimed class action funds. Designation of a cy pres prevents a windfall to the defendant while serving to deter future violations. Court settlement awards occur when the court approves a settlement that requires one of the parties to make a specified contribution to a charity.

Cy pres awards have been used to fund important legal services all over the country. In addition to special projects, cy pres awards are often used to fund operational costs for legal aid organizations and nonprofits like FLAP, allowing them to continue to provide vital services in their communities.

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